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Are Quick Diets Healthy?

Diets are usually long drawn out affairs. Most people lose interest after a period of time and the diet becomes a failure. Most diets take months or even years depending on the amount of weight to be lost. Most health professionals caution that you should expect to lose between one and two pounds of weight a week. If you are over fifty pounds overweight you are looking at almost six months of dieting.

You need to remember that all the extra weight you carry was not added in a single month or two. Quick diets usually are classified as fad diets and can be dangerous and harmful to your body. The starvation diet or some of the other fad diets do not work because your body is designed to fight starvation by slowing down your metabolism and forcing you eat more food. The hunger response is as powerful as your response to danger.

Quick diets are usually diets that enable the body to shed pounds through losing water. Water makes up over sixty-five percent of your body weight. You can get a false sense of weight loss in a short period by losing a large amount of water. You will quickly gain this water weight back as you drink fluids.

The harm to your system comes from the constant hunger pangs you feel and if everything is not correct you can go on an eating binge and gain all the weight and then some back. Most quick diets do not work unless you are trying to lose a small amount of weight for a specific event. You will gain this weight back.

When you go on a diet because of being overweight or obese you need to retrain your body how to eat good solid foods. You need to change poor eating habits and learn portion control and eating of good wholesome foods. Sometimes you will start to eat foods you have not eaten in a long period of time.

When dieting you need to understand that it will take time and you need to change what you eat, how you eat and sometimes when you eat. You must also understand that dieting is not quick. It takes time and hard work as dieting is not easy. You need to eat and with millions of dollars in advertising bombarding you about foods that are generally unhealthy it becomes a major task.

Unfortunately good foods rarely have an advertising budget. Vegetables, fruits, whole grains, poultry, pork, and seafood are rarely advertised enough to become on your mind when shopping. When shopping, your mind will remember the commercials for cereals, processed foods and drinks before vegetables, fruits and other wholesome foods as you go down the aisles in the store.

When going on a diet, plan you’re with wholesome foods, setting of goals, exercising and changing of poor eating habits, rather than the quick diet that rarely lasts any length of time. When going on a diet eat foods that will burn the fat and feed your body with the nutrients it needs to function. Quick diets will not work in the long run especially if you have a large amount of weight to lose.

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