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OK Ladies – you made the most of the season for eating, drinking and making merry and now you’re looking for the best diet for women.

Yes, the New Year is upon us – and so, too, according to those darned scales in the bathroom are a lot of unwanted extra pounds piled on over the holidays. Funny how that party dress that fit at the beginning of December is now groaning at the seams, eh?

And even if you didn’t particularly overindulge this Christmas on the turkey feast, those rich desserts, all those fabulous candies and maybe a drink or too, you are up against another foe in the war on weight gain at this time of the year: Mother Nature.

Just as animals in the wild pile on extra pounds of fat to help them get through the winter, the human body is also genetically wired to add to its fat stores – even though we aren’t slumbering in some snug cave until the snow melts!

Now, you could head to the gym and try and sweat it off, but maybe that’s not practical for your lifestyle right now – and if you live in a cold climate, going out in the bitter weather after work can also be an issue.

In simple terms – you need a diet plan. And when I’m asked what’s the best diet for women – the one that’s going to help you lose weight fast and easily – I recommend The Diet Solution, a downloadable eBook by Isabel De Los Rios, a certified nutritionist and owner of New Body – Center for Fitness and Nutrition in New Jersey.

What I like about this plan is that it helps you lose weight through eating a healthy diet – not by starving yourself or limiting yourself to only protein or only carbs. De Los Rios knows what she’s talking about – she used her knowledge to overcome her own huge weight problem. Her before and after photos are amazing, as are the testimonials she received from grateful clients.

When it comes to finding the Best Diet For Women, The Diet Solution comes out tops – and there are some great free bonuses with this product, too.

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