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Diet Meal Plans – Meal Replacement

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The diet meal plan is the second step in your healthy lifestyle change. It is a slow and subtle way of exchanging the bad with the good. Health is like having a wardrobe change to a stubborn old man, that won’t get rid of his velcro shoes and suspenders. You don’t take that old stubborn man out and buy him new socks, shoes, pants, shirts, and belts all at once. Just like you don’t go from having four horrible meals a day straight to having four calorie strict gram by gram evaluated meals a day. So you buy that old man socks which is just one small subtle change then a month from that new pants and a month from that new shoes until the progression is complete. That is why changing just one meal will slightly change your eating habit and progressively begin a permanent lifestyle change.

The diet meal plan will be exchanging your most unhealthy meal of the day into a healthy colorful nutritional meal. No matter whether that meal is breakfast, lunch, or dinner changing the worst meal of the day into the best meal of the day is going to have a major effect on your health, and it will happen faster than you think. One minor change to a daily routine can have such a powerful effect just like instead of hitting that snooze button three times you only hit it twice giving yourself ten extra minutes which is a life time when getting ready. If this is still too big of a step for your current lifestyle then perform the meal replacement by exchanging your second worst meal of the day with a healthy colorful meal. It is going to be the small steps that have the biggest impact on your new transition into a healthy lifestyle and a new diet meal plan is the way to go.

Now on to what the meal should actually be is where the fun starts. America and most every country have options like crazy when it comes to meal times but the same monotonous, unhealthy, greasy food is being eaten over and over knowingly destroying bodies. This diet meal plan change will be a time saver and I will use the example of lunch since the average person has a job in an office and uses the excuse of accessibility and that is why their lunch is so unhealthy with all the fast food restaurants so strategically close by. This should not be a shocker and should be logical but why would someone spend 15 minutes to go get food and another 15 minutes to get back to the office wasting 30 precious minutes to take a break. Simply take 15 minutes the night before and pack some colorful fruit and/or veggies along with some type of whole wheat bread and top it off with a lean protein like deli meat or chicken breast. Now at lunch time you are having more time to enjoy a meal along with something that will give you energy and not weigh you down and make you feel sluggish. Another great way to exchange your meal which happened to work for me and still works for me to this day is a protein shake. The shake can be changed daily and there are hundreds of different ways to make them and it will fill you up in a healthy fashion along with being quick and convenient. No matter your route make a small change and notice the difference.

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