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Popular Diets – The Diet Food List Model

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Diet food lists have been around for quite some time. Dieting is difficult because most people do not know what is healthy. They need some guidance as to what foods are beneficial for their body and what foods should be limited or outright avoided. That is why so many people steer toward diets that provide a very detailed list of diet foods.

Let’s take a quick look at just three of the popular modern diets which take advantage of the food list model.

The South Beach Diet

While there is no one standard list of diet foods for this plan, there are approved foods which are kept on a list which is updated on a regular basis. There are different food lists for each phase of the plan, with the phase one list being the most restrictive. This initial phase is designed to detox the body of sugar and other unhealthy substances and give the follower a jump start toward their weight loss goals.

The diet list that goes with phase two of the plan is more lenient and is filled in largely by the follower themselves. They are able to add back in complex carbohydrates, doing it one at a time to determine how the body reacts to each addition. In this manner, an individualized diet list is created as they determine what gives them energy and what zaps their energy. Energy-inducing foods that make them feel good go on the approved list while the others are taken away.

The Atkins Diet

While there has been tons of criticism and debate over the Atkins Diet, it is another low carb plan that operates off of a diet food list. While there is an Induction stage that is very strict just like the South Beach Diet, the lists of food for the entire Atkins plan are stricter with carbohydrates.

This plan has worked for many people, but for others it has been heavily criticized. This may be because the types of foods offered on the approved food list tend to satisfy those who enjoy eating heavier meals with fatty meats and other sources of high protein foods. Unfortunately, that way of eating is not in line with many people’s taste buds.

Fat Loss 4 Idiots

There are quite a few internet based diets, but this is one of the best. The plan makes use of a huge diet food list which is available online for plan participants, but it also provides a very unique menu generator that automatically creates meals and snacks from the approved diet food list. This makes it fast and easy to stick to the approved foods.

The addition of the menu generator takes the Fat Loss 4 Idiots plan to a new level. It makes dieting easier and increases the chances that more people will stick to the approved diet food list for a longer period of time.

The foods approved on this diet are extremely healthy and they are combined in ways that are satisfying and delicious, according to the follower’s own taste buds. There are even ways to develop special diet menus with the generator, such as vegetarian meals.

There certainly are other diets out there that make use of the food list model to some extent, and they all have their strengths and weaknesses. Look into them and find something that works for you!


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