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Quick Diet Loss and Quick Diets – The Top Five Reasons Why Your Diets Fail

We all want quick diet loss and have all resorted to quick diets for instant results.  If you are not losing weight it could just be you are using the wrong diet for you.

Before you swap to yet another diet check out if your trouble losing weight is related to any of the reasons below.

1. We start diets that we really know deep down will not work.  Don’t do it as it will only affect your resolve and self esteem.  Forget the quick fix diets.

2. We expect our bodies to love quick fad diets – you will not lose weight on four lettuce leaves a day or carrots.

3. We don’t have a plan.  If you fail to plan you really do plan to fail.  Its no good going off at tangents ie:  one diet one week and when you dont get the instant results   you crave you just start something else.

4. You are using the wrong diet plan – just because a diet is the latest craze and Fred down the road lost two stone in half an hour it does not mean you will.

5. We diet for events and not as a long term life plan.  It is no good just losing weight for weddings,christenings or any other social gathering because I know it is a  hard fact but life is not one social gathering. Hey if it was we would look great everyday.

There are other reasons why quick diet loss and quick diets fail miserably.  But those are the top ones.

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