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Warning! Do Not Continue With High Protein Diet Plans Or No Carb Diets Plan Until You Have Read This!

High protein diet plans or some called it no carb diets plans are very well known among athletes and body builders. It is getting very popular among the general public. After all, who could resist the desire to have an impressive body like the professional sportsmen?

Who do these sportsmen need this diet?
These sportsmen need the protein diets as it can slightly increase their weight loss efforts as well as reducing muscle loss. In this diet plan, protein plays an important component of the daily diet. It can be up to 30% to 40% of your total diet intake.

In fact, protein is the fuel for muscle builders. In their course of their weightlifting and intensive training, they know that some of their muscle tissues will eventually break down. These tissues cannot be replaced easily with just carbohydrate diets. They actually need to be on a high protein diet plan.

Rapid Weight Loss?
Many sportsmen reported faster initial weight loss. This diet relies on burning more lean meats, such as chicken and fish while minimizing the intake of carbohydrates such as bread and noodle.

All these sound good but there are some hidden problems which may be detrimental to your health in the longer term.

Hidden Problem #1
High-protein diet plans or no carb diets plan may lead to rapid loss of weights. However, it is only mainly loss of water. When your body is not having enough of carbs, it reacts by absorbing energy from its reserves of glycogen.

For every gram of glycogen, you can find four grams of water. In other words, you are actually losing only water! When your intake levels of carb revert to normal, your body will replenish the loss.

Hidden Problem #2
For the high protein diet plan or no carb diets plan to work, you need to overeat food with saturated fat and cholesterol. This can lead to increased in the risks of heart disease and certain kind of cancers.

Hidden Problem #3
This diet is mostly suitable for sportsmen for a certain reason. For the general public, the lack of carb can potentially lead to lack of energy for day to day functioning. You may not be able to do your daily job well. In turn, this plan may even cause mood changes like tension and irritability and also result in cravings for high carb foods and fatty snacks.

Is there any alternative?
All these sound very grueling. So, is there any good alternative? Yes!

You can try out a new calorie shifting diet plan. It is a plan that allows you to lose weight while eating the foods you love and not by depriving your body with the food it needs.

By eating healthier foods at a fixed schedule everyday, you are training your body to be on a schedule. When your body quickly learns that you are going to feed it healthy food and it knows that it is not in survival mode, it will reward you. What you have effectively done is tricking your metabolism into high gear and thus burns more calories than normal.

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